An Invitation To An Indian Home....


Welcome to Megha Home Stay! Hearty hospitality has always remained one of the most valued fine traditions of the Indian culture. A guest visiting an indian home is always consider to be a representative of God. You are invited to experience and share the unique hospitality of Megha Home Stay - an experience that's Indian, altogether,
Megha Home Stay! is not a traditional hotel or a guest house. We offer you a stay in the ambience of an Indian home, situated close to the commercial hub- centre of Delhi.Thoughtfully designed with modern amenties, Mega Home Stay Offer the tourist traveller. It's our continue endeavour to make you always feel at home - in a home perhaps, away form your own.

At Megha Home Stay traditional Indian Hospitality compliments contemporary lifestyle. the guest room are aesthetically decorated and retain traditional themes. All room have attached toilets with either bath tubs or shower cabins, mini fridge, TV, telephone, air-conditioning and a host of other amenities living . All the major Credit Cards are accepted E-mail services are available on request.
The Haveli is the refection hall . Tastefully decorated and homely the Haveli is a tribute to the Indian tradition of hospitality Haveli is an Indian word used to describe the larger traditional manors. especially those found in northern India. the Haveli of Rajasthan are famaous for their extensive motifsintricate craftsmanship and the colorful frescoes used to decorate the exteriors.
The various room at Meghna Home Stay are named after popular Indian Dynasties . Each room is a different experience . Each has a different story to tell.